Winter Recruiting Checklist!

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We know that this winter will be challenging, but it is more important than ever to not fall into a winter season slump. Despite the NCAA recently extending the D1 recruiting dead period through April 15, 2021, there are still steps every student-athlete can make to maximize their recruiting opportunities during the winter recruiting season.

From populating your online profile, exploring college rosters or building relationships with college coaches, there's something for everyone to do to continue managing their recruiting process.

Within this checklist, we have included what it is we advise you should be doing every month so you can focus on working on your academics, athleticism and figuring out your personal preferences in terms of divisions, campus culture etc.


  • Think like a college coach.

 Landing a roster spot means understanding the basics of the recruiting funnel. Knowing what coaches look for, how they find recruits and common traits successful student-athletes share will give you a leg up throughout the process.

  • Learn the ropes from a recruiting expert.

Talk to someone familiar with the recruiting process: an upperclassmen teammate going through the process, a current or former college athlete or your talent management consultant here at FirstPoint USA.


  • Make- and stick to - recruiting decisions.

January is a great time to focus on setting goals for the upcoming year. No matter what you want to accomplish, from bringing up your GPA, to what division you want to play, setting goals will help, you stay motivated, focused and committed.


  • Update your online profile.

 It is essential to make sure your academics are up to date! Be sure to continue to update your online profile to make sure all of the information is relevant and up to date.

  •  Keep track of important dates.

 Regularly check the D1 and D2 recruiting calendars, you can find out more by periodically reviewing our blogs.


Keep in touch with your talent management consultant; they are always here to help.

It's your turn. Kickstart your scholarship journey today!

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