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31-Jan-2021 | 1 min read

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Esports Scholarship Tournament

With Esports continuing to enjoy a significant increase in popularity and participation, many US colleges and universities have established world-class Esports facilities and curriculum, recognising the gaming industry as a new collegiate sport. Just like other sports, colleges are actively recruiting and offering Esports scholarships to some of the best gaming athletes in the world.
Today, FirstPoint USA is very proud to present its first-ever Esports tournament, which can be your platform to a US sports scholarship.
In partnership with Battlefy, FirstPoint's "Esports Scholarship Tournament" takes place on Saturday, the 13th of March- register today to take part, hear all about live US scholarship opportunities and be in with the chance to win our top prize.
The first step in your journey to secure a lifechanging deal to study and play in the US is to attend one of our sports trials. We'll assess your ability and give you a presentation of what you can expect from a sports scholarship.
If this sounds up your street, apply below. Places are limited - so why wait? Sign up now.

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