First Point Hall of Fame - 2.Anthony Griffiths

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Anthony Griffiths is a former FirstPoint  USA client who has enjoyed his experiences at the The University of Rio Grande in Ohio, USA.
Anthony has enjoyed success in his university soccer career including being twice All-American, captain of the team, and reaching the national finals four years in a row.  

 Anthony is now a candidate for our First Point USA Hall of Fame!  

Andrew Kean, our Chief Executive and founder has high praise for this former client:

Anthony was very committed and focused on the academic and playing opportunities in America when we signed him to FirstPoint.  He was a tremendous success during his 4 years at Rio Grande and gaining All-American status typified how highly he was regarded nationally in college soccer.  We are very proud of Anthonys achievements, on and off the field, and I believe that he is a great example to other young scholarship hopefuls and he would be a terrific addition to the FirstPoint Hall of Fame

We spoke to Anthony about his experiences with FirstPointUSA and about his American college experience:

1.Please describe your athletic career since going to University

"In my freshman year at the University of Rio Grande I started every game scoring 10 goals from 25 games as a defender. 
We won the national title conceding only 7 goals along the way and winning 24 games out of 25 with 1 draw along the way to an almost perfect season. 
I was twice ALL-AMERICAN and twice champions of character winner. I was Captain at the URG in my Junior year and the reaching the national finals four years in a row. I was all conference 1st team in the PDL western conference for the cascade surge, with the surge i played in Mexico and Peru in the amazon jungle in front of 20,000. During my time at Rio we played 10 games and against DIV 1 school winning 9 and drawing one against OSU, we also beat them the in 2006."

2.  Please Outline your highest accomplishments throughout your athletic career. 

"My highest accomplishments would have to be winning the national championship in 2003 as a freshman, and my two time ALL AMERICAN awards. It was also great to be selected and captain the American team in Peru and Mexico and select teams from both countries."

3. What are your future plans?

"I am planning to go back to America to pursue a coaching career, I have a job lined up with one of my friends in Oakland Cali as a GA and i am due to start in Jan 2012."

4.  What would you say are the benefits of having an American college experience?

"So many, but i will name a few. The new people you meet, my experience was unique, in that, i was on a team which 90% was from the UK and that help me settle, but i now have friends all over America - 90 i am still on contact with. 
Training everyday, the facilities, the weather, the opportunities, and the chance to travel. I also found it gave me more confidence and added more dimensions to me as a person."

5. Would you recommend First Point USA and the American scholarship route to others?

"Definitely for the simple fact, they have a extensive portfolio of contact and that's the key in football, especially in America where there can be a lot of risk for coaches taking 
international players and that's where FirstPoint reputation will assist greatly. They will assist with the process which can anxious and stressful at times."

6. What would be your advice be to any young athletes considering an American Scholarship?

"Make sure it financially do-able that's the big thing, and concentrate on your degree also."

We would like to thank Anthony for taking the time to reflect upon his experiences with us, and wish him continued success in his  soccer career.  

You can vote for Anthony to be one of three inductees into our First Point USA Hall of Fame, on our Facebook page!

*images of The University of Rio Grande sourced from their facebook page which you can find here*

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