Stirling Albion trial Matches

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Check out the games from our FPUSA sponsored "So You Think You're Good Enough?" trials, where young hopeful candidates paid to play in front of Stirling Albion manager, Jocky Scott in hope of being asked back to pre-season training with the club.

Twelve were successful....

Red Team
1. Sam Filler
5.Craig Hughes
6. Kevin McCann
8. Francis Luke

Blue Team
1. Paul Kane
2. Sean Lawrence
9. Steven Morrison
10. John Borris
14. Paul Scott
15.Ali MacKinnan

White Team
3. John Crawley
7. Lewis Swanson

You can follow up on how pre-season training has been going so far on our blog by Craig Hughes here

Game One

Game Two

Game Three

Game Four

Game Five

Game Six

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