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FirstPoint USA has it's headquarters in Glasgow city centre, Scotland. We are lucky enough to work in a very cool office, let us show you around.....
Our office is set outin the same flow as the Firstpoint program process itself.
We begin withour reception,which deals with theapplication stage of the process.
When you apply online, at - your details are collated by our Office Manager, Ellen and Admin Assistant Nicolle, and your application is then distributedto our six Consultants - Brendan, Nicola, Kevin, Simone, Colin and John.
The consultants will then be in touch with each applicant toarrange an assessment, where the consultants have the opportunity to assess the skill of the player in their sport. Before each sporting assessment session, our consultants will give a presentation on the scholarship process and they will outline what is involved in making a decision to play and study in the USA. This gives our clients and their parents an opportunity to ask questions and gain an insight into what is involved and onwhat life is like for a student/athlete at University in the USA.The consultant will also offer support and coaching on the day.
If the applicant is of a good standard, they will then be invited for a one-to-one interview with the FirstPoint USA consultant. Our consultant will then provide each applicant with more information on the scholarship process and answer any questions the applicants or their parents have. The candidate will also be assessed on their academics and attitude and if they pass this stage, they will be offered a contract with FirstPoint USA.
Should the applicantdecide to go ahead, they will receive an information pack and checklist which helps guide the client through each stage of the process and they are also introduced to our client services team - Craig and Nicole who will help themwork towards completing their profile and to determine client eligibility. This includes advice and help with SAT's, CV's, references, transcripts, and NCAA clearing house.
Around this time, each client will be invited to be filmed in their chosen sport. If this is soccer, we hold Client Games in London, Glasgow and now in Sheffield. We will invite our current clients from whichever particular area we are filming and create teams. The entire games will be filmed by our media team, Craig, Allen and Kirstine, who will then edit each player individually and showcase their footage online. We normally ask each client to attend at least three games so we can produce at least 6-7 minutes of quality footage. For all other sports, we will make arrangements to travel to film them in suitable facilities. Many of our international clients will also film their own games and send these in to us to edit and upload onto our client web profiles.
Once the clientsfile is complete, they will be introduced to our promotions (or clearing) team: Grant, Barry and John Paul. This department will then marketeach client to University Coaches in the USA and will advise and helpsecurea suitable placement. The clearing team will also be on hand to assist and advise with all visa applications.
Once aclient has successfully secured a placeat a USUniversity, we always welcome the opportunity to keep in touch with them throughout their time in the USA and tohear how they are progressing.We are always happy to provide help and advice at any time, even though the client has been successfully placed and has commenced their scholarship in the USA.

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