Glasgow Client Games Tomorrow!

29-Sep-2011 | 1 min read

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We are looking forward to our client games for Men's Soccer to be held at Toryglen football centre in Glasgow tomorrow. We will be holding registration at 14:30, and as usual, we are expecting a high standard of player.  Our clients have been selected, invited and confirmed and team sheets have been created so please do not just show up on the day without having booked a spot! We ask that our clients bring their own football boots, suitable for 3G Astroturf, and also please bring your own water/refreshments.  Kit will be provided for you. Our coaches, Simone, John and Kevin will be in attendance to assess, manage and offer feedback to our players.  Our camera man, Craig will also be filming the match to then edit each players individual footage for their online profiles. Please get involved with the discussion on Twitter and find out if our coaches are mentioning YOU! @FirstPointUSA1 #GlasgowClient

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Allen MacDougall


Allen MacDougall

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