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We love to keep in touch with our clients when they make the leap across the pond and enjoy success with their American Sports Scholarship. Last year, FirstPoint USA placed rower Gill Cooper at Oregon State University, and she has recently got in touch to update us on her progress as well as to let us know about an exciting trip she is raising funds for: "As you know I have recently moved to Oregon, USA, and am rowing for Oregon State University-the Beavers- and studying Environmental science. I really enjoyed my first term, Oregon is very beautiful and my team is great. I have had so many opportunities here so far both in school and in rowing. During fall term I made the Varsity 8 boat and got to race at Vancouver lake Washington, this was a lot of fun and a lot colder than I expected. I also got to experience my first Thanksgiving celebration in America, when I traveled with a friend to her home in Montana, which was very different. I saw amazing scenery through the Rockys and Idaho on the train! So far I love it here everyone is really nice and I have had so many opportunities to travel and see new things here.

There is a foundationcalled Beavers without Borders set up by a former Oregon State Football player. This is a non-profit organization which allows student athletes to travel to areas around the world such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras and volunteer in projects such as building health centers, wells and schools.

I have decided that I would like to become involved in this program both to experience other parts of the world and to give something back considering the great opportunities I have been given. My rowing commitments mean that the project inEthiopia during the summer holidays to help with three projects over a period of three weeks leaving either June 17th or 18th and returning either the 1st or 2nd of July this year best suits my schedule. The project will be building a playground, improvements to a school and building a local health center. I am currently trying to raise $3500 in order to fund this trip (costs such as plane tickets and room and board). During the trip we will be staying with home stay families which will be an exciting experience being one on one with the locals. Another aspect of the trip I am looking forward to is the environmental aspect of the trip, all of the building techniques and playground building will be done using environmentally friendly and safe practices, during the trip there is a class that reflects on these practices.I expect this to be a great experience for me in general and particularly with my environmental science studies. At the same time I will be able to contribute to improving the lives and futures of other young people.

To make this all happen I need to raise $1,500 in the next four weeks and the balance of the $3,500 before the summer, it would be great if you feel inclined towards helping me with a sponsorship donation. The trip is outlined on the web site as follows:

Shinshicho, Ethiopia - TBD

  • Timing TBD
  • Partnership with Holt International who is currently building a hospital in the village as well as a school that will house 540 kids. Both structures and the organizations they house will not be American run, they will be run by the local Ethiopian people which provides a phenomenal opportunity for growth within the community. The hospital will replace a small clinic that now serves a population of 300,000.
  • Connection made through Patric Cambell, and OSU alum who the Beavers without Borders Macedonia team met in the Frankfurt airport on the way back from the Summer 2011 trip.

General information about Beavers Without Borders can be read at.'m sure you will agree that this is a realy worthwhile venture and a great opportunity for me at the same time."

If you would like to donate towards Gill's trip to Ethiopia, please follow the above links or get in contact with us at FirstPoint USA.

Also, if you are a former client and have a story to tell about your time in America, please get in touch! We love to hear from you!


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