Client Game - Men of the Match

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Client Game 19/01/12 Toryglen, Glasgow Our Sports Consultants are happy to report that there was a great turnout for our first client game of 2012, at Toryglen in Glasgow. There was a some great performances and highlights, including a hattrick by Craig Stirling... and there was a fantastic standard of player overall. It was a difficult job for our Sports Consultants, with so many great players on the pitch, but they have managed to present the titles of Man of the Match from each team:

Congratulations to:

Euan Rogers (Red)

Kieran Pettigrew (White)

Alastair Morgan (Blue)

We would like to thank everyone who participated for making the great effort to attend, and for playing some great football....We will have the footage from these games on your profiles in the next 4-6 weeks, and we are confident that it is going to look great!



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