How To Get A Female Soccer Scholarship to the USA

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Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and there is an ever increasing demand for talented young International soccer players to join University and college teams. Coaches have a particular interest in recruiting talented young female soccer players, and there are over 1400 women's soccer programs at Universities across the United States. For women's programs, there is a maximum of 14 scholarships available for a Division I team, 9.9 for Division II, 12 for NAIA programs and 18 for NJCAA programs. Being recruited for a female soccer scholarship to the USA is a fantastic opportunity to play the sport at a very high level with world class facilities and coaching. It also means that you are capable of pursuing a University degree simultaneously! This is a very attractive option to those who don't want to compromise their sport for their studies or vice-versa. Coaches are interested in recruiting scholarship candidates who have good academic standing. They want players who can perform as well in the classroom as on the pitch! There is equal weight placed on academics and athletics in the USA, so if you don't maintain your grades, then you don't play! Coaches will be looking for talented young athletes who have the ability or who they see potential in. They want to recruit those who are committed to, and passionate about the game. Position specific skills are attractive and can give you an edge above the rest.. ..can you stand out and be noticed on the pitch? You can find out more about the experiences that some of our clients have had in the USA on our Blog : For example, Adele Jackson is a candidate for the FirstPoint USA Hall of Fame after graduating from Montevallo University where she enjoyed great success. Find out more about her experience here Lucy Cunningham was nominated our "Athlete of the Month for January 2012". Lucy secured a soccer scholarship to The University of Memphis. Find out more about Lucy's story and the advice she would have about pursuing a soccer scholarship to the USA here. In this video, our Director of Scouting chats with one of our women's soccer clients, Brooklyn Kerlin at the Soccer Showcase event where we invite coaches (100+ last year!) from the US to London to see our athletes first hand. do you get a female soccer scholarship to the USA? Firstly, you can register your details with us and we can tell you if you are eligible. There is no obligation to commit to anything. If you are approved then we will send you more information about our program, and how FirstPoint USA can help you on your way to the USA. If successful, you will be allocated your own personal Sports Consultant who can answer any questions or concerns you might have. Our Consultants (like the majority of our staff) are highly capable of answering these questions, as they have all been to the USA on Sports Scholarships themselves. We will assess your sporting ability and academic capabilities and then if we think you are a good scholarship candidate, we will then offer you a place on our program. At this point, you will have made the decision if this is the right option for you. We understand this is a huge decision for an individual, and their families so we will do our best to help you at every step of the way!

Our service includes:
  • SAT, ACT & TOEFL test' enrolment; where applicable.
  • Video capture, editing and processing.
  • Creation of your athletic and academic resume.
  • Academic eligibility pre-qualification.
  • Athletic eligibility pre-qualification.
  • International transcripts conversion into US GPA (as per NCAA guidelines).
  • NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouse enrolment; where applicable.
  • Showcase participation; soccer only.
  • Promotion of your resume to our network of American coaches and universities; relative to your athletic/academic credentials.
  • Daily management of coach communication.
  • Review of college interest and offers.
  • Advice about admissions requirements; affidavit of support, transcripts, I-20, etc.
  • Advice of F-1 student visa application and interview.
Find out more about the U.S Sports scholarship process from some of our staff : For more information and to take the first step towards the opportunity of a lifetime, register today!              

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