Most Popular US Universities With International Students

The New York Times recently highlighted the increase in international students studying in America.† In some of Americaís top Universities, as much as 10% of the student body is made up from overseas students. We have taken a look at the most popular Universities with international students and how many overseas students attend them. ¬† 1. University of Southern California (8615) 2. University of Illinois (7991) 3. New York University (7562) 4. Purdue university (7562) 5. Columbia University (7279) 6. University of California (6249) 7. Ohio State university (6082) 8. University of Michigan (5995) 9. Michigan State University (5748) 10. Harvard University (5594) ¬† Check out this video to see some international student's reasons for studying in America. ¬† Do you want to study in America while playing your favourite sport? Apply here for a sports scholarship today!

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