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Each week we will be featuring the best question put to FirstPoint's resident agony aunt, Agony Al. In Al's first week on the job, he received the question below from Mick, who is heading out to the states soon, and seemed to have a lot on his mind!   Hi Al, I need your advice, I am heading out to the states this year and I am really nervous about my new roommate. I have been chatting with him on Facebook and I think he may be a bit of a lad. His name is Chad, he is captain of the wrestling team. All his pictures are of him and his two friends Tyler and Zack skateboarding around campus. I am afraid we won't get along and I won't be happy if him and his degenerate mates are grappling with each other and blaring out Limp Bizkit until the early hours of the morning, what should I do? Yours Sincerely Mick Flurry   Hi Mick, Have you ever heard the term never judge a book by it's cover...well never judge a person by their Facebook pics! Chad will be equally nervous about meeting and living with you. I doubt they will be blasting out music at all hours of the morning as like you, theyll have classes to attend, studying to do as well as wrestling training/competitions! It's great that you are already talking to each other on Facebook and Chad and his friends sound much better than a boring quiet person...who youll certainly not get on with! In a few years time youll look back on this and laugh after meeting life long friends. Good Luck, Al   Is something troubling you that only Agony Al's advice can solve? Get in touch on Twitter through @AgonyAl or comment anonymously on this blog post with your queries and Al will be sure to respond. And who knows, your question could be featured next week on our blog!  

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