2013 Best Colleges

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Article from, by Ryan Lytle U.S. News & World Report has unveiled its 2013 edition of the Best Colleges rankings, with information and insights into more than 1,600 colleges and universities. Each year, much attention is given to the rankings of National Universities, which are research institutions that award bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Topping the list of National Universities, and tying for a second consecutive year, are Harvard University and Princeton University. Harvard and Princeton are among 23 East Coast schools that made the top 50 National Universities in the rankings. New York and Massachusetts are second and third, respectively, among states with the most National Universities in the top 50, with a combined 11 schools on the list. [Learn more about U.S. News's 2013 Best Colleges rankings.] Ten schools among the top 50 reside on the West Coast, and nine of those schools are in California, the state with the most top 50 National Universities. In comparison, there are 27 states that do not have a National University within the top 50 in the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges rankings. Below is an infographic that highlights where the top 50 National Universities are located in the United States. (Note: Alaska and Hawaii do not have a school among the top 50 and are not pictured in this infographic.)

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