Johnny Clifford - Living the American Dream

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We're delighted to see that former FirstPoint USA scholarship recipient, Johnny Clifford, has been featured in the Wishaw Press discussing his experiences captaining the South Georgia College soccer team. Speaking of the high levels of fitness and dedication expected when playing in the USA, Johnny commented: "Fitness wise it is the most demanding thing you can do as a footballer. You train three times a day during pre-season, something most clubs in Scotland wouldnt do and youre up at 6am lifting weights. Its a big sacrifice you have to make. When I was in Scotland I thought of myself as a fast centre-back but then I went over to America and was one of the slowest players in the team. However I felt I was much more intelligent than the average player over in America and better in the air which made me stand out. Within a couple of months I was made captain and that was such a great boost for me.

Johnny also speaks of his love for America and his desire to remain state-side after graduation: I have graduated with an education degree and have until May to get the best deal elsewhere as I now want to move on. It has been a fantastic move for me coming over and I do a lot of coaching which is great. Parents are very eager to have their children coached by a British coach. That is something I will pursue further in two years time if I dont go professional. I really cant see myself returning to Scotland to live, It is a great quality of life, although Wishaw will always be home and I will return every Christmas." - You can read the full interview with Johnny on the Wishaw Press website

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