New Years Resolutions for Students

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1. I will stop choosing bed over lectures Sleep is very important, especially for students! Get yourself into a healthy sleep cycle even if your timetable isn't the most accommodating.   2. I will change my bed at least once a term While Tracy Emin's "My Bed" may been seen as a work of art, I'm not sure your room-mate will agree.   3. I will make more plans for my future You may think it's too early to be planning or saving for your future, but, as the old saying goes; fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. If possible, start saving for your summer break or for when you finish college, for a rainy day or for the worst-case scenario.   4. I will not let Facebook interfere with college Our job is to sit on Facebook all day, sadly, yours is not.   5. I will contact my friends and family back home more As you will be feeling homesick from time to time, your family will miss you just as much. It's easy to fall out of the routine of contacting your friends and family as time goes on and you're 'living it up' state-side, but spare a thought for the ones who supported you along the way!   6. I will stay organised, keep a diary/calendar Staying on top of your work means for less stress and no more excuses!   7. I will commit to getting good grades Treat every year like it's your senior year, and work hard to get good grades. While we're not suggesting you do nothing other than study for 4 years, just remember why you've chosen to further your education, and research the grades you'll need for the route you want to take post-graduation.   8. I will get help when I need it Don't suffer in silence. If you need help, be it; financial, academic or athletic, there will always be someone who can give you impartial advice, either connected to your college/government or someone you know.   9. I will start coursework early A nice thought, but rarely done! Just imagine how good it would feel to get a piece of coursework out of the way pre-deadline...eliminating last minute panic and allowing you more time to improve upon your first draft. A nice thought... 10. I will surround myself with like-minded people College is all about growing up, and you will be a different person when you graduate to that fresh faced teen who first entered the campus 4 years before. However, everyone grows-up in different ways, so the friends you may have made in first year might have grown apart from you. This happens to everyone at some stage in their life. Just make sure you're surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have a positive impact on your life, and who don't drag you down.  

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