Staff Profile: Megan Hammond

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Every so often, we like to take the opportunity to showcase our staff in a profile on this blog. The majority of our staff are all former US scholarship recipients, and have all been to the States on sports scholarships through FirstPoint USA. However, there is a small number of our staff who have come to FirstPoint USA through other routes, and Megan Hammond is one of them! Megan is one of our newest members of staff, coming to the Client Services team in August this year.   1. What did you do before coming to FirstPoint USA? I had just finished school in June, had a summer break, then started working in FirstPoint USA in August. 2. Describe what your job involves? I am part of the Client Services department, so when clients join our programme we are in charge of getting their checklist items sorted and passed over to the promotion stage. 3. What might you do in a day? I will respond to emails with questions about their checklist items such as SAT questions. I will also deal with any checklist items we have received such as transcripts in the post, which includes adding it to their profile on the computer, then I need to get in touch with them to let them know what they sent in was correct and what they still need to do. I will also answer phone calls throughout the day from parents and our clients who have any other questions. There are sometimes other wee jobs as well such as organising teams for the client games. So its different jobs that keep me busy! 4. What do you like most about your job? I like how organised you have to be for it, Im the kind of person who loves being organised! I also like how Im normally never stuck for anything to do, Im always kept busy (even if it is doing the coffee run!) 5. What are your ambitions? Im still very young at the moment and I dont like to think too far ahead. There are so many things I would love to do though, but they are quite embarrassing! I dont want to end up as one of these people who just settle for OK though, I will always want to explore and take every opportunity! 6. Whats your favourite sport? I played field hockey in school and was part of a hockey club but I wouldnt say it was my favourite sport. I love watching rugby and going to the games but I couldnt see myself ever playing it at all! I loved athletics or track and field in school and managed to win a few competitions but I havent kept it up. I also love playing golf and going horse riding, so there are lots of sports I love! I guess I dont really have a favourite right now. 7. What do you do in your free time/ what are your hobbies? Right now I dont do a lot, I would love to start taking more classes at the gym and start up horse riding again but normally I go out with friends to the cinema or shopping or I go for walks with my little brother and my dog, they are probably the things I do in my free time most. 8. 3 interesting facts about you... I always find this question hard... 1. I swam with dolphins when I was 10 and for a few years after I would tell everyone when I grow up I want to train dolphins! 2. I have a dream every single night without a doubt and always remember them! 3. I broke my wrist when I was 11 whilst dancing (my dancing has still not improved at all!) I guess the question should have been 3 strange things about you haha! 9. If you were to go to the USA on a scholarship, which state/uni would you want to go to and why? Im always complaining about the cold, wet weather here so somewhere very sunny all year round! Ive only ever been to the US once, to go to Disney in Florida so anywhere at all, I would love to go to more places in America. 10. What was your highlight from last year's Showcase? I enjoyed watching the girls games as I hadnt seen female football before, I was very impressed by their skill, I would love to be as coordinated as them!  

We would like to thank Megan for taking the time to answer our questions.

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