Top Mistakes Potential Student-Athletes Make On Social Networks

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You've completed your FirstPoint USA checklist, played in all of your client games, and are now waiting for the scholarship offers to roll in, but that doesn't mean that all the hard work is done! While you are being promoted to U.S colleges by our clearing team, coaches will not just be checking out your FirstPoint profile, they will be checking out your social networking profiles too. We've put together a list of the top 3 social networking mistakes that potential college students make. 1. Posting Personal/Confidential Info So you got your VISA approved? Congrats! But was the picture of your VISA details really necessary? Be careful of what you post online, once a tweet or Facebook post is made, it's considered public information, and you never know who could end up with your personal details, and what they may do with them! 2. Indiscretion When given an offer from a college, whether you plan to accept or not, try to withhold from putting it in the public domain by telling all of your Facebook/Twitter followers. All too often we see potential student-athletes publicly telling their friends about offers they plan to decline, leaving little room for progression and/or negotiation. Not only will you be burning bridges with that particular college, it will make you look unprofessional to other colleges who may/may have also been interested in you. 3. Attitude

Recruiting colleges will always want to make sure you are a secure investment and a reliable character, after all, you will essentially be representing their college. So avoid posting negative comments about your school/dreaded course work/training, and instead, show them how hard you are willing to work to achieve your goals. And remember, these tips don't just apply to those being recruited, but are important for current student-athletes too!

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