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Last week we asked you - "if you could ask an American college soccer coach anything, what would you ask?" We had a great response, and want to thank all those who took the time to send their questions in! We chose the Top 5 questions and put them to Midland soccer coach, Craig Hughes. If you haven't already read out Craig's post on what to expect from pre-season, make sure you check it out! Q.1. What is the main thing that puts you off a player straight away? Mainly a lack of enthusiasm. If they're slow to get back to you and short in their replies, it doesn't come across well. From a playing point of view, a bad attitude and visual signs of frustration definitely put me off. Q.2. Does you consideration of a particular player change depending on whether the player has any coaching qualifications themselves? It may help you to get coaching some coaching work during or after college, but for the college team, we're looking at your playing ability, not your coaching qualifications. Q.3. If I go to the U.S on soccer scholarship, does it affect my chances of going pro once I return home? It really depends on how you do. It could enhance your opportunities, however, the huge benefit is that if you don't end up going pro, you have your degree to fall back on. Q.4. Is it possible for me to get scouted by a pro team within a 2 year school? Yes, it is possible, however, it's important to remember that going to a 2 year school is a springboard to moving onto a 4 year school. Q.5. What's more important when recruiting: athletics or academics? It is a balance of both. School's do different levels of athletics and academic scholarships. Preparing and working hard on both makes you more marketable.  

We'd like to thank Craig for taking the time to answer these questions! If you have any questions you'd like to put to a coach for future blog posts, email them to

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