Pre-Season in Las Vegas

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                                                Pre-season training in Las Vegas was a difficult one for me to adjust to. I had just transferred from New York to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the temperatures at the opposite ends of the country are totally different. My first day of pre-season in Vegas was a struggle, in fact the full week was. The heat in mid August, in the middle of the desert, was reaching 110 degrees, and its not ideal for a boy from the East End of Glasgow! During my first week in Vegas, I trained indoors in the swimming pool with a coach until I slowly but surely got used to the heat. When I finally got acclimatised, I was training outside with the rest of the team. The fitness tests were hard, but important to get through. The quicker you get fit, the easier the running and games get. We trained at least twice a day, usually early in the morning before the sun came up and then later at night when the sun was going down. It was far too hot during the day to be training, so during that period we would eat and sleep. For the 2-3 weeks of pre-season, thats what life consists of; training, eating and sleeping. Reserving energy is vital, especially in America. When its hot, and it usually is at that time of year, its important youre not out in the sun and losing energy. Resting, preparing and looking after your body for your next session will keep you fit and healthy and set you up nicely for the season. Fitness is key for me, the fitter you are, the more confident you feel. The more confident you feel, the more you can produce on the field.  

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