Goalkeeper Jack Moore...The Story So Far!

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FirstPointUSA client Jack Moore took some time out of his busy schdule to answer some of our questions regarding his time in America. Goalkeeper Jack impressed the FPUSA staff at our client games with his shot stopping and huge kick outs! This is his Q&A session...     Can you tell us a bit about your sporting background? I have always been a very sporty person and have played a number of sports in school, soccer has always been my main sport and i really started taking it seriously in my school years. This was because my secondary school Bacon's College has a soccer academy and meant we could practice everyday with a coach called Sergei Baltacha who played in the world cup final!   What originally made you choose First Point USAand are you glad that you did? I choose to come on board with First Point because with a lot of boys my age once we have finished college and we haven't been scouted to play pro we don't know what to do. Career wise I didn't know either. First Point made me realize that just because In the eyes of coaches here I am not good enough to play pro doesn't mean I cant use my talent in soccer to help me get a scholarship to study and further my self both academically and in soccer too.       Are you happy with the offers you received and what made you choose an American University? I was very happy with the offers I received! I got so many offers from some great school and the hardest thing I had to go through in the process was actually trying to pick what school I should go to. In the end i picked University of West Alabama because the coach really felt I would be vital to the program in it's first year of existence.       Can you give us typical day being a student athleteand how have you managed your time between studying, athletics and your social life? A typical day for me now consists of... 6.45am - wake up, having a good breakfast is vital to your day, then prepare a meal to eat after classes and before practise 8am til 12:35 - different classes EAT 1:15 til 3:30 - Soccer practice (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter depending on day) EAT 5:30 til 7:30 - Gym and conditioning EAT STUDY SLEEP each program is different and train at different times but this is mine now at Harbor College.   How does the standard of soccer and facilities compare in the US to the UK? The standard in America all depends on what level you play, which is similar to England. I have played D2 and I'm currently playing Juco. The standard is very similar with the main difference from D1 level to Juco isn't the playing ability but the grades in the class room. The facilities here are just amazing, every school has gyms for you to be able to use when you want. The turf or grass pitches you play on a always a better standard then your best club team in England. Actually most school facilities can keep up with the facilities of a English premier league teams!   What has been the highlight so far in America? My highlight so far was my first season playing for UWA. I had an amazing year on the field and was voted as a freshman in the All conference team of the year, which is amazing for any player especially a freshman! Just having that first season done and having that experience is crucial and something every player should want to experience.     What has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make and how have you dealt with homesickness? The biggest adjustment I had to face was going home at xmas time and not being able to come back to the US because of family problems. Unfortunately I had to stay home with my family in England. It was a difficult time for me and something i had to do. During that time i wished i could be back out in the states and do what I love. It feels so good to be back out here again and live the dream. Homesickness for me isn't something I have suffered from the second time around really, you get used to being away. The hardest thing is knowing your family are missing you.       What advice would you give to 2014 new international student-athletes as they prepare for their first year in the U.S? Make sure you pick a school that suits you, don't just come out here to play soccer! it really is just as important to take care of your academics and prepare for for downs as well as your ups. You're not always certain of playing time and coaches want to see your mental toughness as well as your physical strengths.   What advice do you have for anyone considering applying for a sports scholarship? If your in doubt about whether to apply, then there shouldn't be any doubt. You will get help all the way by the amazing First Point USA staff. Even after you have got your scholarship! Don't let the opportunity of a lifetime slip away because you are not 100% sure you want to do it. Give it a try and I guarantee along with every other person who has come through First Point that you will not regret anything.     Have you had any opportunity to work while at Uni? As of right now I haven't had much opportunity to work because during season you honestly don't have the time. Opportunities do arise and you can always speak to the schools international advisers if you want on campus work. Most soccer coaches can set you up with coaching work and you can always help with the other sport programs at the school.   Would you recommend First Point USA? I would 1000% recommend First Point USA, the links they have with the coaches in America are amazing! I speak not just if you're a soccer player but other sports whether its tennis, golf even rugby now. Its worth a try and a decision you wont regret!!     Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? In ten years time I really want to be to be coaching as a Head Coach at a D1 soccer program and obviously have an amazing hot american wife! I will be a kicker for my american football team next year as well as playing soccer. My coach reckons American football might give me a really good opportunity to play at a big American school. So who knows in 10 years may even be playing in the NFL!! haha   Our thanks to Jack for taking the time to answer our questions.  

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