Jordan Wilson - From Rangers FC to University of Kentucky

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Former FirstPointUSA client now University of Kentucky Wildcat, Jordan Wilson took some time to answer our questions on his past with Rangers FC and his first year with UK.   1. Can you tell us a bit about your sporting background and your time with Rangers FC? Before I moved to the US I played for Rangers FC at the academy level. Two of these years I spent playing full-time at u17 and u18 level. During these years I played for the u17s, u19s and reserve team. Also I played for the Scottish National team and attended national training camps. 2. What originally made you choose First Point USA, and are you glad that you did? My uncle, Tommy Wilson, was the reserve coach at Rangers FC and knew Andrew Kean. He recommended the scholarship opportunity to me and put me in touch with Andrew. I am extremely glad that I chose to go through First Point USA, their expertise and knowledge made it a very easy and fast process for me.   3. What made you choose the University of Kentucky? Kentucky was the first school that offered me a place and after visiting campus and meeting the staff and the team I knew it was the school for me. Ireally liked the head coach and his staff and the facilities are unbelievable. 4. Can you give us typical day being a student athlete at UK? & How have you managed your time between studying, athletics and your social life? A typical day starts with classes from 9am-1pm then we have time for lunch before our 2:30pm training. After training we normally go straight to eat and then to do our mandatory study hall hours in the C.A.T.S centre, which is the academic centre for all student-athletes. Then the rest of the night is free time. Which usually isnt very long from about 8pm or 9pm till you go to sleep. The C.A.T.S centre helps me manage my time effectively; I get all my schoolwork done there with the help of study hall, tutors and academic advisors who are available to you as much as you need them. This leaves me time to focus on soccerand frees up my weekend. 5. How does the standard of soccer and facilities compare in the US to the UK The standard of soccer is very similar to what I played against back home there are some really good teams more than I expected. The facilities are just unbelievable; at Kentucky they are finishing off a brand new soccer stadium, which will have things like the locker room with customized lockers for each player, players lounge, hydrotherapy room and treatment room all under the main stand. Also we have our own training pitch and there is an indoor artificial pitch that we can use if the weather is bad. The soccer team has its own gym and trainer that we use mostly in the off-season to keep in shape as well.   6. What has been the highlight so far at Kentucky? The highlight so far was probably walking into the locker room on the first day, seeing my name on the locker and all the Nike gear sitting in it. We got Nike clothes, shoes, training gear, boots, skins, everything you could ever want for soccer. 7. What has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make and how have you dealt with homesickness? Definitely the accent, I have to speak a lot slower so people can actually understand me. I knew there would be times when I felt homesick but it doesnt last long, I talk with my family on the phone a lot and keep in touch with my friends through Imessage and FaceTime, which helps. Every time I speak them they all say the same thing, your not missing anything back here.   8. What advice would you give to 2014 new international student-athletes as they prepare for their first year in the U.S? The best advice I could give someone is to have an open mind and just go with it. Its a completely different lifestyle and seems like a different world compared to back home you just have to embrace it.   9. What advice do you have for anyone considering applying for a sports scholarship? Just try your best, keep training hard and keep your schoolwork up too. As long as you keep those two things up First Point USAwill take care of the rest and find a school thats right for you.   10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? In ten years I dont really know where I see myself, hopefully with a good job whether thats going pro or using my degree Im not quite sure yet.  

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