Samuel Naiwo is heading to the National Championship Tournament!

08-Nov-2013 | 2 min read

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¬† We love keeping up to date with the progress of our clients in America, both in the classroom and on the sports field. Coach†Damien Jepson of†Suny Adirondack Timberwolves updated us on the progress of FPUSA client Samuel Naiwo. This is what he had to say... † ¬† ¬† "I hope all is well. I'm excited to inform you that Samuel and our team won its first every NJCAA Region III Championship on Saturday! We knocked off an undefeated #5 Nationally Ranked team 1-0, and Naiwo scored the lone goal in the 73rd minute. He was named tournament MVP (he scored a hat-trick for us in a 3-0 semi-final victory, in addition to the 1 goal in the Finals). He's now scored 27 goals in 16 matches this season, which puts him at 2nd in the NJCAA. I've attached his team profile head shot, as well as our team picture after winning the Championship, with Samuel in front wearing #10 holding his tournament MVP award. We have been randomly drawn to face the #1 ranked team in the country our first match of the tournament. It's single elimination format. Match date is Thursday November 14th" ¬† Everyone at FirstPointUSA wishes Samuel the very best of luck at the National Tournament! ¬†

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