Jordan Walpole - Committed to Bradley University

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Congratulations to FirstPoint USA client, Jordan Walpole, who has committed to a soccer scholarship at Bradley University, Illinois. We recently caught up with Jordan to hear why he wished to study in the US and how he found the process of applying for an American sports scholarship

Jordan tells us that he wished to study in the US as he felt it had more to offer him both academically and athletically than universities in the UK. It provided Jordan with the opportunity to play soccer at a high level as well as study the major he wanted. Furthermore, Jordan tells us that as university soccer is a lot bigger in the states than at home, a soccer scholarship in the US will provide him with a greater number of opportunities to play soccer after he graduates from university.

Regarding the process of obtaining his scholarship, Jordan tells us that his was a lot quicker than most. The timeline for the scholarship process tends to last between 12-18 months however, Jordan was able to complete his in less than a year. After having attended one of our client games, Jordan was then invited to attend our Soccer Showcase at St Georges Park. Here, Jordan tells us that he spoke to a couple of universities, but later received more opportunities through emails. For prospective clients, Jordan offers this advice...

One tip I would give is to always keep your options open until you are certain about the university you want. I nearly chose a different university early on, but decided to wait to make my decision. In the end, Jordan chose to attend Bradley University, which he feels was the right decision for himself.

Jordan states that the reason he chose to attend Bradley University was because, as well as being a very good sporting university, they are an exceptional academic university. He added, they are a soccer university that I feel can go far in NCAA tournaments, and I wanted to be a part of doing this. Another factor, is that the coaches and players at Bradley University make you feel like you are wanted. In the UK, going to university is not as big as it is in the US; but here at Bradley you are made to feel special as an individual you could be an exceptional engineer or a good soccer player, you are still recognised.

[caption id="attachment_11738" align="aligncenter" width="612"] Jordan will soon be joining the Bradley Braves Soccer Roster[/caption]

Upon moving out to the states and beginning his life as a student athlete, Jordan tells us that he is most looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying the university experience. Adding that he is looking forward to begin playing with his team, and is hopeful that they will reach tournament wins; as well as studying and completing his degree.

Finally, we asked Jordan where he sees himself being in 10 years time. He states that that he would, of course, love to be playing soccer at a high level however, he knows that the chances of going professional or slim. Alternatively, Jordan hopes to be working in a job that he is good at and enjoys.

Wed like to wish Jordan the best of luck for his studies and playing career at Bradley University. We will keep you updated on his progress in the states through our various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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