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Were pleased to welcome soccer player, Eleri Griffiths, to the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Eleri hails from Saltash, Cornwall and attends Saltash.net Community School. We recently caught up with Eleri to find out some more about her sporting background, what attracted her to the idea of studying in the states, and her plans for the future.

From a young age, Eleri began playing soccer with her brother. After taking a break for a few years to pursue rowing and street-dancing, Eleri returned to the game at the age of 10 and hasnt looked back since. From then, Eleri has been very successful in the game; winning the County Cup five times three times with her school (scoring a hat-trick in two of these games), once with Saltash Youth Girls U16s, and once with Callington Town Ladies Football Club. Eleri has also had the opportunity to play for her country; she won League Player of the Year in 2015 in the Devon Junior Minor League; had the privilege of captaining the Saltash Youth Girls team for a season; and last year, was awarded Sportsperson of the Month in school.

With many successes behind her, we asked Eleri to tell us about her favourite sporting memories to date...

I had to narrow this down to three memories. It would be between; winning Young Player of the Year for Callington Town Football Club (for both the mens and womens teams) in my first season there; scoring and getting an assist on my debut for Callington Town Ladies Football Club; or winning against a 6-year unbeaten team last season with Saltash Youth Girls. We scored in the first half, making it 1-0, and they equalised in the second half. In the last 10 minutes, I scored and we won the game! I was proud to score both goals for my team and it was amazing to see everyone so emotional afterwards. I also loved going to watch the SSE Womens FA Cup Final, 2017.

Eleri tells us that she was drawn to the idea of pursuing a US scholarship as, she has always wanted to travel the world at some point, and believes that this will be a good starting point. Eleri states that she also wants to become a better soccer player, and believes that the USA is the best place to do so, due to the popularity of womens soccer there.

Upon beginning her life as a student athlete, Eleri tells us that she is looking forward to going to training every day. But, is also excited to meet new people, who are just as passionate about the sport as she is.

We asked Eleri to tell us who her top three sportsmen and women of all time are, heres what she had to say...

Kelly Smith is my hero of all time. Throughout her career, she battled three serious injuries and suffered with alcoholism. Despite this, she has become Englands top goal scorer, with 46 goals. After reading her autobiography, she has inspired me further to achieve my dream of going to the states to study, as she did the same.

[caption id="attachment_11937" align="aligncenter" width="541"] Kelly Smith[/caption]

As well as Kelly Smith, I admire all of the England Lionesses, particularly Fara Williams, who had to face adversity in her career when she became homeless. Despite this, she has become the most capped player for England. However, my second top sportsperson and hero is, Jodie Taylor, for similar reasons. In her career she has played for 12 different teams in many different countries, and battled many injuries. At the age of 31, she won the Golden Boot at the Euros in 2017 with 5 goals. Finally making a name for herself and proving that its never too late to show what you are capable of.

Derek Redmond is another one of my heroes. He was favoured to win a medal for the 400m at the Olympics in 1992. Derek suffered a torn hamstring half way round the track. He was so determined to finish the race, that he got up, and with the help of his father, hobbled to the end. This taught me that that when you dont give up, you cannot fail. Winning isnt the only way to show how strong you are.

All three of my heroes have taught me that injury can only make you stronger and hungrier for success, if you stay positive.

Finally, we asked Eleri where she sees herself being in 10 years time. She tells us that her dream is to still be playing soccer every day, whether it be as professionally, or as a hobby. Eleri states that her alternative job options are to work in the police force, as a paramedic, or as a physiotherapist or sports rehab therapist.

Wed like to thank Eleri for speaking to us, and we would like to wish her the best of luck for throughout the duration of her scholarship process. We will keep you updated on Eleris progress through our various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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