Traits of Successful Student Athletes

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1. Self-Motivation

This is something that nobody can do for you! Through your teammates, coaches, friends and family you will have plenty of support along the way, but in the end, you have to be your primary motivator. No matter how many people tell you to study or practice more, if you do not find the self-discipline to do it yourself you will never get out of the stage of thinking; what would happen if I did this or that? As a result, things will stay the same, so in the end, it is up to change that.


2. Be Prepared

Have your priorities sorted out and work hard! In order to be successful, it is essential to know what is important at what time and to always be prepared accordingly. For instance, when you have a test, focus solely on it i.e. study and take the test without allowing yourself any distractions. This is extremely important when it comes to competing in your sport. When it’s time to practice, practice! When it’s game day, focus on the game! You will only be successful if you focus on what you are doing, because only then are you doing it to the best of your abilities.


3. Knowing the Importance of Teamwork

A team may have better individual player, but could still fall short in the pursuit of a championship because the team members are only playing for themselves and not for the common good. In a strong team environment, players want to win for each other and so they can celebrate as a team. Ultimately, this way of thinking could have a positive impact on your college experience as a whole. If you’re friends with your teammates, not only do you build relationships to win games, you build them for life.


4. Always Think Positive

What good can come of the fact, that some players think they will lose a game before it’s even started? There will always be players that are bringing the team down, but more often than not, this happens unintentionally because they don’t realise the effects their actions or words can have on their teammates. This is why it is so important to embrace and pass on a healthy, positive frame of mind. This trait will not only help your team to win, but will provide you with a new perspective in all areas of your life.


5. The Pure Will to Win

In the world of college sports, it is possible to hide your weaknesses and beat a slightly superior team or player, simply by expressing your pure will to win. There lies the beauty of competition at this level, and makes this trait so immensely important – it sorts out the winners from the losers. Teams with the will to win will get better and will succeed.

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