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We’re thrilled to welcome soccer player, Henry Favre, to join the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Hailing from the small village of Senlis, France, Henry tells us he lived in St Benoît for nine years, prior to his family making the move to England, and as a result, Henry is fluent in both English and French. Here, the former Kings of Wessex Academy pupil shares with us some information about his sporting background, his reasons for wishing to pursue a sports scholarship in the US, and his future aspirations.

Henry tells us that he has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember, it’s been a lifelong passion. Henry started playing for clubs at a young age and has played for numerous teams such as, St Benoît, Cheddar, Wedmore and Shipham. However, Henry states his biggest sporting achievement to date, was his last season with Cheddar U16s, when they won the league undefeated. He adds, “In one of the games, we were losing, I scored the last minute equaliser and saved us the game.” Since then, Henry tells us he has moved up to the U18s team; he has also been called up in some of the men’s reserves games, as well as the first team.

Henry tells us he was drawn to the idea of pursuing an American sports scholarship as the attitudes towards collegiate sports in the States are far better than those in England. Upon beginning his life as an American collegiate athlete, Henry stated, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people, seeing the whole campus and all of the facilities, because, as I said, their attitude towards university sports is so much bigger and it looks so good. I also can’t wait to start training over there with all of the facilities they have, and having nice weather for once!”

As we often do with our newest clients, we asked Henry to tell us about his top three sportspeople of all time. He told us, “I very much look up to Thierry Henry; he’s French and has achieved a lot in his career. As well as football, he is a great character, and after his footballing career, he was able to turn it into another job.

Another person would be Antoine Griezmann; when he went for trials at a young age, people kept telling him that he ‘wouldn’t be able to’ and that he was ‘too small for football’, but he kept going and trying hard, and now he’s one of the top three footballers in the world.

Finally, Kylian Mbappé; he is very young, and even though he is only 19, he has achieved things that other footballers have not done in their entire careers. This shows that anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it.”

Lastly, we asked Henry where he sees himself being in 10 years’ time. He stated, “I hope to see myself either playing professional football, thanks to the opportunity of going to America; or, if things don’t work out there, I hope to be a physiotherapist, maybe working in a big football club such as PSG or Real Madrid.”

We’d like to thank Henry for catching up with us. We’ll keep you updated on Henry's progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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