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We’re thrilled to welcome Padraig O’Sullivan to FirstPoint USA; hailing from Castlemaine, County Kerry, Padraig is one of the newest soccer players to join our ranks. Here, the former Presentation Secondary School student tells us some more about his sporting background, his reasons for wishing to pursue a sports scholarship and his future aspirations.

Padraig tells us he didn’t grow up in a particularly sporty family, but developed a great interest in a variety of sports very early on; including Gaelic football, soccer and cross country running. Throughout his sporting career, Padraig has won the league title with his local club, Castlemaine United; has won Player of the Year consecutively from U11 to U16; and has also scored the Goal of the Season throughout the 2013/14 season.

With numerous sporting achievements behind him, we asked Padraig to tell us about his favourite sporting memory to date. He states, “My favourite sporting memory has to be winning the league with Castlemaine United. We had so many games that season, it literally felt like it would never end with us on top. But when we won that final, the rush of absolute and complete joy just overwhelmed me; I couldn’t help but jump around and go crazy. And to win it, with friends from school on the team, that I’ve known for years, was even better – I just want more memories like this.”

Padraig tells us that America is a place he has wished to visit for so long, and the opportunity to live there whilst playing his favourite sport and experiencing college life, is one that he could never refuse. He added, “I have always wanted to experience what life is like in the States, and this is the ideal way, and time, to do it.”

Upon beginning his life as an American student-athlete, Padraig highlights that he is most looking forward to testing himself against other student-athletes and proving himself against great opposition. He’s looking to develop and impress, as both a student-athlete and a person.

As we often do with our newest clients, we asked Padraig to tell us about his top three sportspeople of all time. He stated, “My top three sportsmen and women of all time, in no particular order, are Sergio Ramos, Tom Brady and Serena Williams. They are all serial winners who would do everything and anything to come out on top in every competitive competition they are involved in.”

Finally, we asked Padraig where he sees himself being in 10 years’ time. He tells us, he would love to have progressed to a competitive, professional league in the world of soccer. However, if that doesn’t happen, he states he’d be happy to be a mechanic or a model – both of which he currently undertakes part-time.

We’d like to thank Padraig for catching up with us. We’ll keep you updated on Padraig's progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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