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We’re thrilled to announce that Caiol Provan is one of the newest soccer players to join the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. The Lossiemouth High School pupil shares with us, some more about his sporting background, his reasons for wishing to pursue a sports scholarship in the US, and his future aspirations.

Caiol tells us he has been playing soccer for the majority of his life, and joined Elgin City’s Youth Academy at the age of 10. Adding, “During my first few years at Elgin City we competed in many tournaments, doing well and winning on a number of occasions. During primary school we also won many local tournaments. In high school we have also had a successful team; when I was in first year we won the league and also got to the final of the cup. Again, this year, we have gone the season undefeated, won the league and are currently through to the semi-final of the cup.”

Having been involved in the world of soccer from such a young age, we asked Caiol to tell us about his favourite sporting experience to date. He stated, “One of my favourite experiences in sport was watching Scotland beat Slovakia at Hampden, to keep the hope of them going to the World Cup alive – unfortunately, it was not meant to be!”

Caiol tells us he wishes to make the move to the States as it will provide him with a fantastic chance to develop his soccer skills, as well as allow him to study towards earning his university degree. Furthermore, Caiol adds, “It would also be a great opportunity to live, and experience, a different culture.”

Upon beginning his life as a student-athlete in the States, Caiol tells us he is most looking forward to competing in college sports; having seen the level of competition that there is over there, Caiol states he believes that it can only help to improve him as a player.

As we so often do with our newest clients, we asked Caiol to tell us about his top three sportsmen and women of all time. He told us...

“Andy Murray; he is one of the most successful Scottish sportsmen of recent times and has shown how far a good attitude can take you in sport.

Nemanja Vidić; he showed amazing consistency, strength and leadership playing in centre back – I personally like him as I am also a centre back.

Rory McIlroy; He managed to break through onto the professional scene very early in his career through hard work and determination, and has continued to play at the highest level since.”

Finally, we asked Caiol where he sees himself being in 10 years’ time. He stated, he hopes to be playing soccer at the highest level he possibly can. However, if this not work out, he hopes to be making full use of the university degree he will achieved, in order to be successful as possible.

We’d like to thank Caiol for catching up with us. We’ll keep you updated on Caiol's progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply to FirstPoint USA today for your once in a lifetime opportunity to head to the States on a sports scholarship:

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