Five myths about sport scholarships

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1. Everyone on an athletic scholarship is on a 100% full-ride scholarship 

Most student-athletes do not receive a full-ride scholarship as there are very few 100% scholarships awarded. The amount you are offered has to do with your athletic ability and your academic ability combined. The coach decides on the percentage of scholarship awarded to individual athletes and will divide their budget over multiple athletes within their team. This makes full-ride scholarships extremely rare. Full-ride scholarships cover tuition and fees, books, room and board and supplies.

2. You can only be awarded a scholarship at Division 1 level

They are offered at the NCAA DI and DII levels, as well as at the NAIA and NJCAA levels. Athletic scholarships are typically one-year agreements between the college and the athlete, although some are multi-year.

3. You don’t need good grades for an athletic scholarship

Your academics are always taken into consideration by coaches who are looking at potential athletes. They want to recruit talented athletes who are also going to be good students. When on a scholarship, athletes will be expected to maintain a certain GPA or they could lose their scholarship.

4. College coaches will contact players 

College coaches will rarely make the first contact with an athlete. They are restricted by certain NCAA rules to contact athletes directly at certain times and coaches will be contacted by thousands of potential athletes. It is important to stand out and coaches like it when athletes use their initiative. Check out our tips on emailing college coaches

5. Scholarships are only awarded in golf, basketball, football and soccer. 

There are number of colleges that are looking for talented athletes in a number of different sports. Below is a list of sports that have scholarship openings.

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