NCAA reduces minimum requirements for fall sports

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NCAA has announced that it will allow fall sports to play half of the usual minimum required contests due to COVID-19 pandemic. This blanket waiver will impact the below sports except for football.

Men’s and Women's cross country, men and Women's soccer, field hockey, men's water polo and Women's volleyball will be allowed to play 50% of the NCAA’s usual required minimum contest to be eligible for NCAA Championships. 

The NCAA Division 1 council coordination committee approved this to help reduce the amount of travel teams incur during their season, to reduce the spread of coronavirus to other campuses. The NCAA Blanket Waiver will also help combat the financial issues that have concerned 27 division 1 conferences. The waiver will allow schools to cut programs to offset the losses due to the pandemic. 

Many conferences have either pushed back start dates for fall schedules or have moved all fall sports to the spring. 

The Division I Competition Oversight Committee recommended the waiver, and also approved modifications to selection requirements for NCAA fall championships. Teams will not be required to have at least a .500 record to earn an at-large selection.

The NCAA board of governors has yet to decide whether to cancel the fall sports championships and will continue discussions into August.

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