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Our goal is to make the process of finding and evaluating student-athletes easier for college coaches. As the world’s largest international athletic recruitment service, we have hundreds of thousands of student-athletes in our database that you can search to kick off your recruiting class. Our platform filters student-athletes based on specific information to help you conduct targeted searches. You can even see which student-athletes have already indicated they are interested in your program and find more information on student-athletes you’ve been recruiting or may have scouted at an event.

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We’ll send information about potential recruits directly to your inbox—but only for qualified recruits that fit your team’s needs. Want to receive a weekly email about D2-level-or-higher pitchers who are six feet tall and from your state? Want to be notified when qualified recruits send you a direct message? We can make that happen. Our team is focused on supporting your recruiting efforts and customizing your experience.

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Let potential recruits come to you by emailing our database of student-athletes with your recruiting needs, upcoming camp information and more. Additionally, our Roster Openings function lets you post about exactly what kind of student-athlete you’re looking for, so the most qualified student-athletes can message you directly.

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