Families and

Parent Support

Parent Support

We know that committing to a US university rarely just involves the student. For families, it can be daunting to send your child thousands of miles away for months on end. That’s why we work with families and parents throughout the whole four to six-year process.


We’re always here to offer guidance, answer queries and assist families in many different ways. From arranging visits and checking up on students in the US, to helping students transfer school if they wish to.

Decision making.

It’s natural for a student to discuss all their options with their family. But it can be hard to pick apart schools you’ve never seen and possibly not heard of. Your FirstPoint consultant will be there with information on all the colleges available.



A lot of people have misconceptions about US college life. Our experienced staff are all former US college scholars and can share their first-hand experiences, so students know what to expect culturally and socially.

Pastoral aftercare.

We don’t just work with students until they arrive on campus. Parents can rest assured that we’re here to help right up to graduation. With an arm around the shoulder, advice on balancing studies or even what to do with weekends or holidays. Helping students have a fantastic experience as they earn their degree.

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