Lacrosse Scholarships in America

As of 2011/12, there were 61 NCAA Men’s Division I men’s lacrosse programs, 46 Division II men’s lacrosse programs and 189 Division III men’s lacrosse programs.  On the women’s side, there are 92 Division I programs, 67 Division II programs, and 216 Division III sides – all competing for their respective National Championship title.

The first intercollegiate game in the United States was played on November 22, 1877 between New York University and Manhattan College.  Lacrosse had been introduced in upstate New York in the 1860s. Lacrosse was further introduced to the Baltimore area in the 1890s. These two areas continue to be the hotbeds of college lacrosse in the U.S. The first intercollegiate lacrosse tournament was held in 1881, with Harvard beating Princeton, 3-0, in the championship game.

A lacrosse scholarship can cover many, sometimes all, of the costs associated with earning a university degree.  In return, the student-athlete will represent the university in their respective sport and maintain a good level of academic performance.

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