University Of The Month: Louisville

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Every month FirstPoint USA aim to showcase the U.S universities that we have helped talented young athletes get a scholarship to. April's featured university was University of Louisville. We felt this appropriate due to their fantastic success for the end of their basketball season by winning March Madness. Congratulations Louisville!
Brief History
On April 3, 1798, eight men declared their intention to establish the Jefferson Seminary in Louisville and called upon their fellow citizens to join them in pledging funds for land, buildings, and teachers. Occurring a few weeks after the Kentucky legislature had chartered this academy and several others in the new state, this event marked the beginning of an advanced level of education for the young people of a frontier settlement barely two decades old. Near the end of the eighteenth century these early Louisvillians took the first steps on a journey that would link them with succeeding generations to the modern University of Louisville in the twenty-first century.
  Here are some quick facts about The University of Louisville
  • Mission: Kentucky's Premier Nationally recognized metropolitan research university Established: 1788
  • President: James R.Ramsey Ph.D.
  • Student body: 22,290 (2010)
  • Faculty & Staff: 6,275
  • Alumni: more than 115,000 residing in the UA and around the world
  • Female: 11,474
  • Male: 10,816
  • Mascot: Cardinal
  • Sports Clubs: 23
Academics Louisville has a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate courses in subjects from Accountancy to Equine Business, and graduate programs such as MBAs and Entrepreneurship Ph.D.s! Click here for a full range of courses offered at Louisville.
Athletics The University of Louisville offers various sporting opportunities, with excellent sporting facilities. This is a big year also for Louisville because, as previously mentioned, they have managed to gain the trophy for March Madness. Other sports have been successful and managed to celebrate just like their basketball team has been doing recently! Sports offered at Louisville include:
  On February 21, 2013, U of L announced that it would build a new soccer-only stadium on campus. The new stadium, with a capacity of 5,300, is set to open for the 2014 season, and will be known as Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium, after the married couple who donated $5 million toward the $17.5 million project.  
Present Louisville Now, under the leadership of its seventeenth president, James R. Ramsey, the University of Louisville has become known especially for teaching, research, and service to its community and the advancement of educational opportunity for all citizens thereof. With an enrollment of 21,000, its academic programs attract students from every state and from all over the world. It is well positioned to fulfill the mission assigned to it by the state legislature: to become "a premier, nationally-recognized metropolitan research university."  

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