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We want every aspiring student-athlete to have access to the life-changing opportunities that exist at university in the USA. That’s why we made our Scholarship Platform free for all to use.

Over the past 20 years, we have refined the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process to find their college match. Using our hands-on guidance, college matching tools and network of 65,000+ college coaches, more than 30,000 student-athletes have made scholarship commitments.

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Soccer Scholarships

Soccer scholarships are available for men’s soccer at the NCAA Division I and Division II levels, as well as at NAIA institutions and Junior colleges. Getting a men’s soccer scholarship is an incredible opportunity for a student-athlete to finance their education while continuing to compete at an elite level. Scholarships are given to athletes who have demonstrated that they have the potential to compete at the highest level. They can cover part—or all—of a student-athlete’s tuition.

Most scholarships are one-year agreements that must be renewed each year. For most NCAA schools, a scholarship offer does not become official until a student-athlete signs the National Letter of Intent (NLI). Of course, student-athletes must first go through the recruiting process in order to secure a roster spot and get an athletic scholarship.

What is a Soccer Scholarship worth?

Many families ask how much the average scholarship is for college men’s soccer. However, that’s pretty difficult to pinpoint. Men’s soccer is an equivalency sport, meaning that coaches are not required to give out full scholarships to their athletes and can instead break them up however they want. So, for a D1 team with 29 roster spots, a coach could give out nine full-ride scholarships and one scholarship that covers 90% of the cost of tuition. Or, the coach can break up the 9.9 scholarships evenly among the 29 athletes.

Additionally, the cost of tuition at each college and university varies. An in-state student at a public university could pay close to $10,000 a year, while an out-of-state student at a private university could pay $60,000 a year. Trying to find an average scholarship amount doesn’t account for those differences in tuition. Furthermore, not all athletes receive scholarships all four years of their college men’s soccer career. Instead of trying to determine what the average scholarship amount is, we recommend families first figure out how much they are willing to pay for four years of college. Then, while going through the recruiting process, student-athletes can compare offers based on their family’s expected contribution—the amount they will pay out of pocket after factoring in all financial aid.

Colleges that offer Soccer Scholarships

Colleges at the NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA and Junior College levels can all offer scholarships. How many scholarships are available at any given school depends on how many scholarships the coach has committed, whether they are a fully funded program, how the program likes to use their scholarship money and several other factors. Read below to learn more about the opportunities at each division level.

What are my chances of getting a Soccer Scholarship?

Only the top soccer players make it to the college level. About 7.9% of U.S. high school men’s soccer players ended up competing in college across the Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and junior college levels. Only about 1.1% of high school men’s soccer players went on to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level.

During the 2016–2017 school year, there were about 450,234 US high school men’s soccer players and about 39,888 college men’s soccer players across all divisions. Of these college athletes, a total of 12,531 soccer players were on D1 and D2 rosters. About 2,664 of them were international athletes, accounting for 21.3% of men’s college soccer roster spots at the D1 and D2 level.