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Rugby Scholarships

Rugby Scholarships

Women’s college rugby is one of the largest and continually growing club sports in the United States. It has almost 350 collegiate women’s clubs already in existence and 5,000 high school club participants. USA Rugby currently provides start-up kits to assist newly formed clubs become successful on-campus teams. Furthermore, rugby became an Olympic sport in 2016, which will lead to an even bigger exposure of the sport. This trend has also taken place in college sports. More and more rugby programs are being identified as varsity programs that provide scholarships and that receive substantial funding from their schools.

How many scholarships are available for Women’s Rugby in the USA?

Number of Colleges
Scholarships per Team
No. Athletes
NCAA Division I
NCAA Division II
NCAA Division III


 The future of college rugby is very bright. The NCAA just recently named rugby of one of its “emerging sports“. This means that the sport is gaining more and more popularity and new teams are created basically every year. All varsity teams practice and compete at a very high and professional level. They have their own strength and conditioning coach, schedules that allow athletes to perfectly combine their studies and rugby, and all the academic help necessary in order to be successful in the classroom as well. So, if rugby is your passion and you are looking to continue playing rugby at the same time as getting a university education, coming to the US to play college rugby might be the perfect fit for you!

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