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Women’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis Scholarships

As most tennis players know and realise, getting to the highest level is expensive. It takes a lot of money to travel, enter the necessary tournaments and getting coached by the best. Without a sponsor this is extremely difficult.

Also, it leaves players in a situation where they must devote every ounce of focus and energy to tennis. What then happens after your tennis career?

College tennis in the United States gives tennis players an opportunity to continue their development whilst getting an education. Tennis scholarships can fully fund the opportunity of playing full-time tennis, compete against universities across the USA and of course get a university degree.

How Good are US College Tennis Players?

Players at the top American colleges are expected to have international and national experience, but you don’t have to in order to play college tennis. There are thousands of opportunities; take the time to explore different schools and study their rosters.

NCAA Division I – Tier 1

  • National or International recognition
  • All-State + Top state tournament finish
  • All-Region + Regional Champion
  • All-League/District + League Champion
  • High School #1 Varsity Singles
  • Top 200 ITF Ranking

NCAA Division I – Tier 2

  • National or International recognition
  • All-State
  • All-Region
  • All-League/District + League Champion
  • High School #1 player
  • Top 300 ITF Ranking

NCAA Division II

  • All-Region
  • All-League/District
  • High School #1-2 player

NCAA Division III / NAIA

  • All-Region
  • All-League/District
  • High School #1-3 player


How Many Scholarships are Available per Team?

The number of tennis scholarships available varies by school and competition level. Depending on how important a scholarship is to you, finding the school with the most scholarships can be critical.

Not all colleges that are eligible to offer scholarships will choose to do so. For example, Ivy League schools choose not to offer athletic scholarships. Women’s tennis is a head count sport only in NCAA D1, which means that all NCAA D1 scholarships are full scholarships.

Number of Colleges
Scholarships per Team
NCAA Division I
NCAA Division II
NCAA Division III
Junior College

What happens on a call?

A call with our USA Education Consultants is your first chance to discuss your future academic or sporting pathways with an expert.

During the call, you will:

  • Get an idea of what it might take for you to reach your dream university
  • Get a personalised and detailed quote of our services based on your needs
  • Understand what financial and time commitment it will take to get into a top university
  • Discuss the strength of your application profile

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